Khalill Mamoon Kalian Bar

This hall is for pleasant, comfortable and romantic evenings. The music is mostly jazz, blues and soul. The atmosphere is very cozy.

There are three separate rooms in the newly opened bar, , each designed for 20 people. You can enjoy the best of the East, handmade Khalil Mamun hookah in all the rooms. Good , oriental luxury interior environment will be completed in the event of a fiery presence of belly dancer at 19: 00 am to 23: 00. One of the halls, VIP-,is designed especially for those who prefer to enjoy the taste and smell of East away from prying eyes. There may be a few hours alone behind a closed door. The hall is convenient especially for girls who try stay apart and try hookah. In fact, Khalil Ma'mūn is the best handmade hookah in the world, made by the Egyptian experienced craftsmen who have decades of experience in the preparation of hookah. 

For reservation, please, call us: +374 10 588 855 +374 10 540 575 +374 10 50 88 88



  Old Erivan Holding was founded on the 7th of November, 1987 by Manvel Ter-Arakelyan. Today Old Erivan Holding already consists of:


  • Yerevan Sky open air cafe
  • Salsa & Cigar club
  • Panorama events hall
  • La Muzon Karaoke club
  • Mona Lisa Karaoke club
  • Old Erivan restaurant
  • Hi Lunch fast food
  • Khalil Maamoon kalian-bar