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History created during long years


manvelThe doors of Pandok «Old Erivan» are always open to all the guests, irrespective of their social position and status. This is the place where people always find warm and special admission, where enjoyment, tasting of delicious and fresh meals and rest are in harmony with each other. We are always available for those who prefer to spend their leisure time in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Pandok «Old Erivan» is located in the heart of Yerevan city, right on the Northern Avenue, from where a wonderful view opens to the Opera House and its adjacent Swan Lake. On each floor of the multistory building of «Old Erivan» completely different entertainment halls are located, with appropriate design to their own: hookah bar, restaurant, 2 karaokes, cigar club, a launge, and a picturesque open-air cafe right at the top of the building, on 8th floor.

During its 27 years «Old Erivan» has passed a long way, receiving the highest appreciation from Armenian and foreign cultural representatives, the Presidents of the most various countries. The evidence for high quality and service of «Old Erivan» are the names of those guests who shared Armenian bread here. Those are: the 4th President of Russian Federaion Dmitry Medvedev, the former President of France Jacques Chirac, Presidents of Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus, Charles Aznavour and other high-ranking guests, who awarded with their highest praise the dishes and welcoming atmosphere of the entertainment complex.

«Old Erivan» is a popular entertainment venue which with its nature preserves the national values and the best Armenian cuisine traditions. This was the basis for the founders to have been guided with the slogan «Unique style, best traditions» for long years. «Old Erivan» is the keeper and continuer of the tasty dishes of Armenian cuisine. Here you are invited to taste Armenian traditional Khash, Dolma, Harisa, as well as the Georgian khinkali, Eastern Kebab and many other dishes.

Here the most various parties, corporate or family events are always organized, and our employees do their best to make guests leave only with the best impressions. And the performances of folk and classical music of different show groups will lead your pleasant leisure during the whole time.
Regardless of whether you are celebrating a birthday, or you simply enjoy your time in a friendly atmosphere, you will leave the place in high mood and with great satisfaction, and with aim to return next time.

This is what we really guarantee!



  Old Erivan Holding was founded on the 7th of November, 1987 by Manvel Ter-Arakelyan. Today Old Erivan Holding already consists of:


  • Yerevan Sky open air cafe
  • Salsa & Cigar club
  • Panorama events hall
  • La Muzon Karaoke club
  • Mona Lisa Karaoke club
  • Old Erivan restaurant
  • Hi Lunch fast food
  • Khalil Maamoon kalian-bar